In the Beginning Times, before the Ages of Legends; our world was purely elements scattered in the ether.

Thus it was that the Primal Lords did shape our world by combining the elements with the ether to form the Firmament.

It was they that shaped the mountains of Usal, the seas of Parval.

It was they that brought forth the races we know today.

It was they that lifted up the Powers from their humble origins.

It is they that we know so little about.

Extract from the Scrolls of Fah-lelruh’n

Usalama is a collaborative world created by the Calne Gamers.

Using the “Dawn of Worlds” system, the players are taking on the roles of the Primal Lords as they guide the worlds and its races through creation and beyond. This stage of the project will be carried out over emails and IM clients since schedules are proving hard to pin down.

Once the world and its history is completed, Richard and Gareth will cooperatively run a campaign in Usalama that will explore many of the design decisions and their reasons. Gareth has elected to use Savage Worlds as his chosen Game System.