Therapy Part Two

In this post, I am receiving a further six-week long course of therapy and will talk about the therapy.

Over the second course, I am having exercises twice a day, three days a week; going through Speech and Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy.

I no longer need physiotherapy. TBH and I are regularly dancing each week so this is the best treatment for me. This week, I was able to join in with the training class and was able to dance for longer.

My speech and writing has improved well so my Speech and Language Therapist has changed tack to start working in verbal communication, especially over telephone which was a major part of my work. Prior to my appointment, she will phone me and she would give me a task.

As I write this, she has me working with five headlines and, either a list of tasks / recipe or a group of random items. So far, I am able to hit the key facts but I am still struggling with accuracy; I am getting better with what I am hearing; six weeks ago, I would have been in trouble with hearing conversations.

The Occupational Therapy have been working me on harder quizzes and exams. I am starting to retain information more easily, my reasoning abilities are getting better, and it is getting easier for me to deal with multiple tasks (and remember them!).

Three weeks into the second course of therapy, I feel that I am so much more alert and coherent. Friends and family who I don’t very often see; they are amazed at the visible improvement that they see, week by week.

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