Therapy Part One

In this post, I have received a six-week long course of therapy and will talk about the therapy.

Over the first course of therapy, I was having exercises three times a day, four days each week; going through Speech and Language Therapy, Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy.

It’s not easy to describe how a stroke feels but imagine that your brain is a large file cabinet, full of all your memories. Having a stroke is similar to having that file cabinet tipped over and shake everything out.

Our ability to formulate a sentence and speak, is formed of three different abilities: our knowledge of how a word is spelt, our knowledge of how a sound is recognised and remembered, and our knowledge to identify an object.

The majority of people can make the immediate link between the three pieces of knowledges but for stroke victims, we are missing the mental links between them.

Speech and Language Therapy works to rebuild these links through repetition through pictures, speech and reading. The brain is then able to recreate these links which then allow us to communicate.

Physiotherapy helps me to repair the weaker muscles of my right side. Exercises for gentle lifts, regular walks and standing on a “wobble” board; all of them allowed me to rebuild up my strength and stamina so that I could move smoothly around.

Occupational Therapy is geared to prepare me back into general day-to-day activities. In the first few weeks, I was mentally slow; I could only deal with one single activity at a time. The therapists set me tasks and quizzes that encouraged my brain to be active, through repetition or through new exercises.

Over the time, I felt more alert to what I was doing and I was beginning to do two activities at a time, then three, then four, and more. The quizzes and tasks helped me to improve my comprehension and my reasoning abilities.

Over that first course of therapy, my family and the therapists worked so hard on me that the improvement could be visibly seen and heard, week by week. At the end of this course, TBH and I were going out dancing regularly, I was walking daily, I was able to enjoy reading again and I was starting to write for both this blog and some small fiction pieces.

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