The Recovery

In the previous post, I described how I was diagnosed with a stroke, and the damage it caused. In this post, I will talk about my recovery in hospital.

After the diagnosis, the doctor arranged for admittance into hospital.

For the first couple of days, I spent my time either asleep or just watching The Better Half as she talked to me. Once the paralysis had worn off, I was able to get out of bed and move around. TBH could help me walk around the ward so that I would get a little bit of exercise.

There had been worry that I wouldn’t be able to do anything at all. With the help from TBH, I was able to have a shower and feel clean again – albeit using a seat to support myself.

The occupational therapist asked me to make myself a coffee so that she could assess my cognitive abilities. Although it took me time to do this, it was encouraging to see that I can do this but there were limits. The best way I can explain it, is that there is only so much brain power that I can use whilst the brain is healing. So I was only able to do single tasks at the moment.

I spent a total of three weeks in hospital and, for someone who used his mind so actively, it was boredom. I would spend a long time sleeping. If I was awake, I would have a small walk with TBH around the ward, or would listen to her talking for me.

I felt like a pincushion everyday; I was being stabbed for blood smears (diabetic tests) three times a day, I was having blood taken everyday, everyday there was a test of one type or another.

Thanks to Aphasia, I couldn’t read a book because I couldn’t comprehend it, I couldn’t understand what people were saying. I could listen to music and relax, so TBH helped me connect my tablet to YouTube for musical playlists.

After listening to TBH talking to me, I began to answer to her. Small answers at first as I was able to talk to her and understand sentences. TBH began teaching me how to relearn to read and write; starting first with day names then with month names.

After three weeks, the doctor gave us the word that I could be discharged. The recent MRI showed that the blood tears had been healed up at last; I was free … now the recovery can begin in earnest.

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