The Damage

In the previous post, I described how I was diagnosed with a Stroke. In this post, I will talk about the damage incurred.

The Stroke

First there was the stroke itself. I had two types of stroke; a Ischeamic stroke which is a kind of clot / block, and a Haemorhagic stroke which was bleeding.

The bleeds were small but visible in the MRI so I was sent to the wards to recovery for the hospital could monitor the tears.

The Paralysis

The paralysis was complete on my right side. Over the first couple of days, the paralysis wore off and I was able to move around. That said, it was weakened and I couldn’t move very quickly nor could I balance well.


Since the stroke was on the left side, there was damage to my sight that impacted my peripheral vision. Over the coming weeks, this would eventually recover.


This is the major problem I have to deal with. Aphasia is an impairment of language; it’s affecting my ability to read and write, as well as being unable to comprehend and speak.

For someone whose career is dependent on language, this is the biggest issue. I couldn’t speak to my wife nor understand what was being said to me.


Everyone gets tired but in the stroke, this is about being tired with a vengeance. In the first week alone, I must have sleeping for 18 hours a day! And that tiredness is very quick. I would awake in the morning and be bumbling along, then be that tired to need a nap after lunch – a four-hour nap!

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