It has been more than 30 years since the Dark Horned God Unklar was banished from the mortal world.

It is a darker time now:

  • Under the dark spires of Ausfrag, Lord Coburg the Undying is consolidating his power; slaughtering all who seek to unseat him.
  • Where the the Horned Empire still holds sway, satraps are ruthlessly holding onto power or succumbing to those more ruthless than themselves.
  • The mortal kingdoms that fought the Horned Empire are now flexing their muscles and waging war on their former neighbours and allies.
  • Somewhere in the darkest places of Aihrde, Nulak-kiz-din is hiding and brewing plans; plans that could bring a return of the Winter Dark.

Onto this stage are thrust a group of brave and hardy adventurers whose actions will lead to them taking up the mantles of heroes; but will their actions save or doom Aihrde?

“Shadows Over Airhde” began as a Castles & Crusades campaign set in the world of Airhde run by Gareth L before the group switched to GURPS 4th Edition using the Dungeon Fantasy setting.