7th Sea is a role-playing game of swashbuckling and sorcery, piracy and adventure, diplomacy and intrigue, archeology and exploration. It’s a world of musketeers, pirates and privateers, ancient sorcery and lost civilizations, horrors that hide in the shadows and horrors that hide in plain sight.

Théah is an exciting and dangerous world of sharp blades and sharp wits where a cutting retort can be as deadly as the tip of an assassin’s dagger.

It is a world in which the nobility controls the most powerful force of all: sorcery. Strange magic pulses in their hearts, power given to them in an occult Bargain made long ago. Some sorcerers control the weather. Others weave fabulous and deadly illusions. Some rip through the fabric of reality while others toy with the forces of Fate itself. The hard edge of steel coupled with the shadowy substance of sorcery: this is your first step into the world of 7th Sea.

The waters of 7th Sea are populated with the deadly pirate bands of the Brotherhood of the Coast who are united under the banner of freedom — freedom from the tyranny of sorcerer and merchant prince, freedom from the shackles of the Church of the Prophets, freedom from greedy landowners and moneylenders. Pirates live the high life envied by landlubbers; they sail where they want and take what they please, leaving behind a trail of broken hearts and empty treasure chests. While the Vaticine Church is preoccupied with spiritual matters on the land, things have become pretty good for pirates as the leaders of Théah hire daredevil adventurers to explore the unknown and bring back the booty they discover. Of course, if said adventurers lower their guard for even a moment, the odds are fairly good that they will see the black flag — just a moment too late.

The lands of Théah are in a state of flux: some kingdoms are on the verge of becoming countries while elsewhere a swelling tide of nationalism is beginning to blossom and a new kind of war is finding its way into the world. In the courts of kings and queens, diplomats dressed in powdered wigs, lace and silk try to resolve the disputes of nations. Of course, if such diplomacy fails, there is always the cold steel of the dueling sword hiding just under the painted facade.

A new kind of espionage is making its way into the world as well. Men and women trained in the arts of deception are living perilous lives of illusion and artifice as they pillage enemy secrets with only their beauty, cunning and wits and a willingness to do anything for crown, country or wealth.

Buried beneath thousands of years of dust and the waves are vast ancient ruins – the cities of the long-dead Syrne. Who knows what ancient treasures are here for the taking, unseen by human eyes, untouched by human hands? Men and women calling themselves “archeologists” are hired by Théan nobles and rulers to unearth these artifacts. Praised by some as heroes and reviled by others as scavengers, they risk their lives in hopes of discovering the secrets of the Syrneth.

As you traverse the world of 7th Sea, you will find much that is familiar – and much that is totally strange and wondrous. More like a distant cousin than a twin sister, Théah is a whole new world ready to be explorde. So, fling back your cape, oil up that buckler and sharpen your sword!

Prepare to enter a world where a man’s word is defended with steel and a woman’s smile hides a deadly secret.

This is the world of 7th Sea.

Quoted from the Alderac Entertainment website.