• Race: Wolf (Phelan)
  • Career: Bodyguard
  • Age: N/K
  • Hair: N/K
  • Eyes: N/K
  • Height: N/K
  • Weight: N/K
  • Player: David Andrews


Born to the Orobii tribe, Ornlu was a swornsword; a bodyguard, to his chief, Restrix. Trained for battle, Ornlu accompanied his chief everywhere to ensure his safety.

Ornlu’s downfall was not to be found at the tip of a blade, but at the bottom of a bottle. He gradually became more and more lax in his duties, sending others to watch over Restrix in his place. An assassin from a neighboring tribe used this to his advantage. As Restrix went on a hunt, Ornlu sent a young lad to watch him instead of taking the duty himself. The assassin easily slew Restrix and his replacement “bodyguard”.

When the search party brought back the chief’s cold body Ornlu was utterly filled with shame and regret. Turning tail, he fled the village and set out on the road, a lost soul.

Ornlu has forsworn all alcohol and is searching for a new pack that he can call his own. Being Phelan, he cares little for the struggles of the great houses, but will be keen for a sense of belonging, wherever and whoever he ends up with.

Character Sheet