• Race: Wolf
  • Career: Ranger
  • Age: N/K
  • Hair: N/K
  • Eyes: N/K
  • Height: N/K
  • Weight: N/K
  • Player: Su Mburu


Eldorienne is the eldest and favourite daughter of Dorian who himself previously served Lord Albarien.  She went into his service after her eldest brother had disappeared when sent out on a special journey for their Lord Albarien.

Her mother having died when she was young, her father took time to remarry and for there to be other siblings who are now still in their infancy.  Eldorienne though loyal to her father and her step mother also holds the belief that only a full blood relative like herself may stand for her brother which is why she firstly went willingly into the service of her Lord, trained enthusiastically and with fervour not only as her duty to her family but as a means of restoring their honour.  Family honour, which has been questioned by some as her brother has not been confirmed dead and therefore thought to have absconded with the wealth he carried on behalf of Lord Albarien and Albarien’s eldest daughter who he had been escorting to her wedding.

The Lord himself has never said he believes the rumours and is sorrowed at the loss of a favoured and talented young ranger, and has said to Eldorienne’s father in her hearing, that he is sorrowful at the loss as if it is his own son.  Others in his retinue are not so circumspect and have spoken of Eldorienne’s brother Eldar as a traitor and a common thief who won their masters trust only to abuse it once given such a high task.  They belief he has killed the girl and any number of other stories to entertain them when they are soaked in the Lord’s ale and wine and shun Eldorrienne:

In truth these older male retainers are probably more jealous of Eldorienne for her skills and closeness to Lord Albarien not just because Dorian’s family have historically served as part of the inner circle, even more so for she is the first woman to have been taken seriously in this male dominated service (Lord Albarien’s family had always been one of the houses sworn to Bisclaveret that did not accept women as rangers.

Eldorrienne is blind to this though, she only sees the false assertions against her family and has secretly sworn to make good the family name and prove her brothers innocence.

In recent time as her training neared its end she asked her Lord for leave to discover the truth about her brothers disappearance and to prove the continuance of the faithful service of the Dorian’s to the house of Albarien.  He has reluctantly agreed as a favour to her father who once saved him in battle; he would prefer to have her stay close as she is thought to be of the Sularmis.

The Sularmis are little known and yet those who believe in the old ways prize them highly whilst keeping it quiet as in the new religion they are at best shunned and at worst persecuted and tried for heresy.  They are women (so it is through her mother’s family ) who have an ability to see.  Albarien believes in the Sulmaris as those who can scry and wil be able to help him further the causes of his overlord.

Eldorienne spent time as a young girl with her dower aunt and she was taught the ways of the cards and to respect the moon and the water as elements essential to life.  She has also learnt herbal remedies that she has used for her own and others health.  She does not see except she knows when one of her family is to die as she hears singing.  She has served her Lord well as a ranger but as yet not met his need for her to show him the future he wants.  He has agreed to let her go on the agreement she will return to serve him if she is unable to restore Eldar and his daughter to him.  He asks this not out of spite but because he truly loves those of her family as his own.

She has asked him for any information gleaned over the five years since the disappearance and the names of bandits have been mentioned.  Masso vianco was what was in the reports, however as soon as she hears the name Tassobianco at the gate she knows it must be his name mispronounced.

Eldorienne believes and trusts in both the old and new faith and sees no division between them.  She has secretly promised end her days in the service of a sect of religious rangers if she is successful in her quest.  She will not be tied to them until such time as she is in knowledge of her death. At which time she will give up worldly wealth, possessions and relationships to commit her life to them.

This makes sense of her questioning and suspiciousness around strange men and although she would deny it, she can come across as overly confident and superior.  This is not due to feeling superior it is due to her view of the world; which sees faith and following her path as inevitability and a gift therefore for good or ill she will make her way.  She may be raised up or put down and it is not she who can change this as it is her task to walk in faithful obedience and show through her life the greatness of S’Allumer.  She does not see this as making her greater or less than others she just does not doubt it.  Others see this as a threat.

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