“Seven Graves for Seven Others” is an eight-part story arc for Ironclaw 2nd edition.

In ages past, the world was ruled by the Autarchs. Beings of unimaginable power, they were nonetheless subject to the same foibles that would govern the likes of you or I – be it lust, greed, whimsy or wrath. It came to pass that the Autarchs would face each other in war, an all-out war between those sworn to the Light and their Dark brethren – a war that would wipe them out and leave the lands of Calabria, Zhongghou, Akoma and Govorya to us. Though we have known peace for millenia without having the lands destroyed beneath us, the tides are turning and the Dark is rising once more.

Nicodemus the Sage, speaking at the Dunwasser Academy.