Session Log (2014-05-18)


  • Morgan, Lync Bounty Hunter (Joanne W)
  • Gabriel, Ferret Explorer (Richard W)
  • Eldorienne, Wolf Ranger (Su M)
  • Ornlu, Wolf Bodyguard (David A)


We did actually play this evening and the group roleplayed the interactions between each other as well as various townsfolk. In particular, some of the characters were presenting their credentials at their guilds in preparation for the holy day of Muliebrea.

Unfortunately after this session, David A left the group due to personal circumstances. He’d started a new job which entailed a fair bit of extra work thus eating into his free time. He made the decision to walk away and we wished him all the best with the new job.

For me as the GM, it meant that a lot of the plot threads I had worked up were now dead in the water. With the projects happening at work, I wasn’t able to commit time to rewriting the plots. So after a quick conversation with Jo, Richard and Su; the decision was made to stop the “Seven Graves for Seven Others” campaign and move on.


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