Session Log (2014-03-02)


  • Morgan, Lync Bounty Hunter (Joanne W)
  • Gabriel, Ferret Explorer (Richard W)
  • Eldorienne, Wolf Ranger (Su M)
  • Ornlu, Wolf Bodyguard (David A)


Early Sap, 884 AM (Après le Miracle)

Eldorienne has been offered the chance to pursue her own agenda for a year and a day, after completing her Ranger training whilst in the service of Lord Albarien. Lord Albarien is a head of a minor house that has sworn fealty to the Bisclavret. To that end, she was in Harrowgate looking to occupy her time.

Ornlu has come to Harrowgate to avoid a couple of unpleasantries, such as honor duels and Scoff-law. Both he and Eldorienne are contracted to guard a caravan of lumber to Three Corners Fort. The Rhinoceros guards are from the service of Lord Duncomb and led by a Captain MacDuff, a mature Wolf with a brown pelt and a splash of grey round his muzzle. The trip to Three Corners Fort is expected to take approximately a fortnight.

It wasn’t long before Ornlu approached the Captain to make comments about the laxity of the guards, and to make suggestions about how their efforts might be better directed. He also offered his services as a roving scout. Eldorienne saw this and her natural suspicions towards the Phelan led her to speak to the Captain herself. He directed her to act in the same capacity but to keep an eye on the Phelan for any signs of treachery.

Over the course of the journey, the pair occasionally talked to each other which gradually caused the distrust between them to turn into a form of grudging respect as they learned about each other’s reasons for leaving the Bisclavret demesne.

Mercredi, 17th Sap, 884 AM

It was a grateful yet weary pair that rolled into the courtyard of Three Corners Fort with the caravan. The captain made swift work of securing the carts of lumber and setting guards before he turned to the unlikely friends to pay them their contracted wages.

Morgan arrived at Three Corners Fort from the lands of the Avoirdupois with her mentor, a grizzled lion known as Jean Wilmott. He gave her a sealed scroll containing a letter of referral to be presented to the Guild of Thief-Takers in Triskellian, citing that her training was complete and that said letter would advance her as a Journeyman in the Guild. He bade her farewell before parting company to head out the north gate towards the Walls of Calabria.

Also on this day a young Ferret named Gabriel returned to Three Corners Fort with his mentor, a dour-faced Bear called Fabrizio Doratheno after completing an expedition to map the Lyore River valley. He was imparted with two things: a letter of referral to be presented to the Guild of Cartographers in Triskellian that would advance him as a Journeyman in the Guild; and a map with strange markings including an alphabet that he had never seen before. With that, the Bear made his way to the Inn, shaking his head and muttering darkly.

So it was that both Gabriel and Morgan found themselves in the central courtyard of Three Corners Fort. On one side adjacent to the keep was a table covered in parchment with an elderly Red Fox seated at it. Upon making introductions, the pair found themselves being questioned by Magister Trevago, the Fort’s Chief Steward. When asked about getting to Triskellian, he answered that it was a good two days walk to the south and although the Via Salutis was a good road, there was safety to be had in numbers.

He pointed out a caravan that had arrived earlier and recommended that they try speaking with the Captain about offering service for passage. With that, the pair made their individual way over to the caravan and offered what services they could. As it was late in the day (getting well on into the Office of Lucernarim), the Captain and his guards were ready to bed down for the night so Gabriel and Morgan, along with Ornlu and Eldorienne retired to the Inn.

The two Wolves were curious about the others and the Captain had asked from them to evaluate them in light of the request for passage. The night passes without incident and much conversation is held. Amongst the decisions, the group decide to head south with the lumber caravan but will potentially exercise the option to leave if they could make better time. All of them bed down on the floor to the common room that night.

Jeudi, 18th Sap, 884 AM

The day dawns brightly with a low-lying mist. The four companions awaken and complete their ablutions before heading out into the courtyard to meet up with Captain McDuff and his guards. They inform him that they will travel with him a ways but that they reserve the right to part company if they can make it to Triskelian quicker. The captain looks disgruntled but accepts the decision.

So it was that with much shouting and cursing, the guards with their carts laden with lumber start their way out the south gate and down the Via Salutis towards the much-vaunted city of Triskellian. The day passes slowly as the companion roam around the caravan to act as pathfinders and scouts.

That evening the caravan sets up camp and requests are made for people to forage for game to supplement the rations. Ornlu, Morgan and Eldrorienne decide to hunt together whilst Gabriel sits by the fire, studying a large scroll and muttering to himself. In a strange turnabout, it is Morgan that brings in the most game for the caravan and it is not long before everyone is tucking into roasted Chirrups and Twelks.

Before turning in, Gabriel speaks to his companions and points out that the caravan is making very slow progress and is unlikely to reach the city before Samedi – that’s another two days on the road. If they strike out alone in the morning, they would be able to reach the city by the evening that same day. The companions discuss it and decide to part ways with the caravan. Eldorienne is asked to relay the news to the captain in the morning.

Vendredi, 19th Sap, 884 AM

After an uneventful night, the companions are up early and packing their belongings. Eldorienne speaks with Captain McDuff to let him know that they would be parting company and pressing on ahead so that they could be in Triskellian before nightfall. He grumbles somewhat but is accepting of the fact since he was told in advance that this may happen.

The companions make haste through the day, pushing themselves hard although Gabriel does have a few problems with the pace. So it was that they crested a hill during late afternoon and saw the city of Triskellian before them, the magnificent Dome of the Cathedrale and spires of Dunwasser protruding above the walls, and the Rinaldi estates bordering the Bay of Auvrich.

As they came upon the North Gate, they noted with confusion that they were closed and that there were two watchmen above it who were observing their approach. As they came closer, one of the watchmen challenged them and demanded to know their business. They responded by asking why the gates were sealed and were told that with the advent of the notorious bandit and murderer Tassobianco, the Chief Magistrate had ordered the gates sealed until further notice.

Once again, the watchman asked their business. Gabriel and Morgan replied that they had messages for their respective Guilds whereupon they would be invested as Journeymen as befitting their training. Eldorienne had a sticky moment as she still wore the colours of her lord but was far from home. Her explanation of being released from service for a year and a day was met with a small amount of sceptism but she was eventually allowed in.

Ornlu, having no master or allegiance yet bearing his own colours, was met with suspicion by the watchmen. It eventually asked Morgan if she would speak for him and vouchsafe his worthiness. When she said that she would, she was warned that she would be liable if he were to be charged with a crime. With the explanations and examinations over, the watchmen opened the gates and the companions stepped into the city.

Their first view of the city was staggering. They were stood in a large avenue that led south into an enormous market plaza. On their right, they could see the magnificent dome-topped structure that was the Cathedrale. To their left, a large brick-built inn with a sign of Three Spears and behind that, a set of blue spires that heralded the presence of the Dunwasser Academy.


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