Session Log (2012-08-31)


  • Alefa Frigeldötter, Human (Hältlander) Fighter (Sarah)
  • Asanaria Quickrok, Halfling Bard (Emma)
  • Baras Gouliou, Human (Tagean) Pankratiast (Sam)
  • Hrodan, Human (Hältlander) Paladin of Augustus (Alex)
  • Brother Solomon, Half-Elven Cleric of Toth (James)
  • Wren Dre, Wild Elf Ranger (Gavin)


Okay, so I’ve been a bit lax in keeping up with the campaign session logs. In all fairness, we’ve had a number of sessions that have been cancelled outright and we’ve ended up playing Board Games for the night. Add to that the sheer volume of work I’ve been doing around the country and you can see why these logs fell by the wayside. I’m fortunate in that I have a pretty good memory plus I do have handwritten notes from the sessions to act as mnemonic triggers.

When we last played, the heroes had just spent several days resting and watching the denizens of Baleon Nahkt before heading off in a large loop to the South.

The party spent the whole of the day keeping behind the low hills as they progressed southwards then westwards before coming upon the Old Imperial Road. Taking a brief break to ascertain their safety, they hurried across the road with Wren Dre in the lead. They pushed on through the afternoon, reaching the Dunderry river by dusk. Quickly scouting for shelter, they came across a ring of gorse bushes high on the river back. Inside the ring was a clearing large enough for them all with just a single crawlway for access from the river side. Pausing only to throw the tent canvas over the clearing without poles, the party wearily crawled into the clearing and fell asleep.

The following morning they were awoken by a large collection of water in the canvas. They carefully crawled out from the clearing and chose to wash in the nearby river by descending a short scree-fall. The freezing cold of the river caused much joking and cursing; Wren Dre himself took time away from keeping watch to strip off and immerse himself – but not before the more observant members were able to see the horrific scarring on his back.

Suitably refreshed, the heroes return to the clifftop and headed northwards along the river to the bridge; reasoning that they at least knew about the bridge whereas the fording point to the south was an unknown quantity. When they reached the bridge, they discovered a patrol of a dozen goblins camped there, including a pair of lightly armoured scouts.

The party kept them under observation for a fair while before they were able to relax; the goblins appeared to be eating lunch after having crossed from the western side of the river. It wasn’t long before the patrol leader began kicking his subordinates to get them moving, albeit without much enthusiasm. The goblins laggardly headed eastwards toward Baleon Nahkt and the party gave them plenty of time to get out of earshot.

Wren Dre sneaked down from his hiding place to take a look up the path taken by the goblins. Baras warns him that the patrol could have left a sentry but the Elf counters that their behaviour was more consistant with a raiding party rather than a patrol.

The party made haste across the river and back towards Malforten, before having to make a cold camp come twilight. The following day they choose to make all haste back to Malforten. Though they had enjoyed visiting the pixie settlement, it was felt that time was of the essence here. They made good time back to the town and quickly met up with Eryl and Amanda to report in. Some of th party seek out Giffrey to talk to him about the strange skeleton that they brought back.

Eryl and Amanda look relieved that the threat of Gritznak has been lifted, Eryl in particular because it means that he can track down the traitor without his militia being compromised. During the discussion with Giffrey, Baras is able to subtly push his buttons by defering to him in matters spiritual and holy; Solomon likewise does so in deference to the elder cleric’s experience. Giffrey begins to take inspiration from their trust in him, and so the pair share a satisfied look as the fire returns to the priest’s eyes and steel to his backbone.

Giffrey looks thoughtful and stares at a set of bookshelves; saying that much research is needed before the morning. With a sidelong glance at Solomon, he dismisses Baras after thanking him. As the Tagean is closing the door to the temple,he sees the two clerics rolling up their sleeves and converging on the poor bookshelves.

The following morning, the party were given a signet ring and instructions to take it to the manor of Lord Durunt in Ascalon where they could claim the bounty. They had also spent the night tallying up all the spoils from the expedition: much coin and jewellery but two items had stood out for their enchanted nature. They spent much of the coin in restocking their provisions from both the general store and from the inn-keeper. Thus replenished, they made their way to the temple of Corthain to meet with Giffrey and Solomon.

Giffrey, Solomon and, to their surprise, Amanda and Blodwyn, greeted them tiredly. In the centre of the temple, all the pews pushed back to the walls, was a substantial cauldron. Every inch of its surface were inlaid with runes that glowed pale gold and blue in the dim morning light. When moved, the heroes could hear the sloshing of water, water that had been consecrated by Giffrey himself.

The cleric explained that he couldn’t deal with the creature as it currently is, all he can do is retard its capacity to regenerate and trap it within the cauldron; he nods to Amanda and Blodwyn, grateful for their help in warding the cauldron. He goes on to explain that the cauldron must be taken back to Ascalon in all haste, and that the wards must be recharged with a Blessing each morning and evening, looking at Hrodan and Solomon.

Hrodan, Alefa and Baras use an X-frame to lift the cauldron onto Asanaria’s wagon and the party begin their return to Ascalon. As they journeyed, they met up once more with Aldus of Kettleby and Asanaria was able to put her singing skills to good use (OOC: I had her singing a song about being accepted for who she is and not what she does – the players groaned when they twigged that I was riffing “Born this Way” by Lady Gaga) and Wren Dre has a close encounter with a wolverine.

Following seven days of forced travelling, the party entered Ascalon through the eastern Frontier Gate and made their way to Temple Square. Solomon was immediately dispatched to seek help from the temple of Toth whilst Hrodan sought reinforcements with the temple of Augustus and Baras did the same with the Temple of the Twins. And so it was that Scopas Bheid of Toth, Knight-Marshall Ormath of Augustus and Shield Master Garron of the Twins met in Temple Square and were given the full details of the party’s adventures. They looked at the cauldron, then each other before looking across the square at the temple of Corthain.

Bheid sent one of his Heirarchs to the temple of Corthain, asking for High Priest Tiri-Osh to join them. Said luminary did indeed join them after being told that Corthain had already been involved with the warding of said evil in the cauldron. After much rumination, plans were laid and executed; Garron and Ormath ferry the cauldron to a sacred circle with the temple of Augustus before Bheid sets up a second set of wards with Tiri-Osh’s help.

Whilst the priests of Toth would be researching this creature and ways to confine or destroy it, the priests of Corthain would be communing with their God for guidance whilst the followers of Augustus and the Twins would provide a guard detail to watch the cauldron. Priests from each of the Churchs would boost and maintain the wards in shifts.

During their downtime, Baras take the time to have his share of the party’s money changed for a letter of credit; as he’s leaving, he spots what he thinks to be Fadell the Fiddler, the man responsible for him being here in the first place. He attempts to follow him, only to lose him in a side-street before being accosted himself. To his shock, he finds that Fadell the Fiddler is none other than Spiro Fotopoulos, one of his father’s men. Shock piles upon shock as he learns that his father has not officially disowned him, that two of his elder brothers have died or gone missing in mysterious circumstances, and that his rather public humiliation was wrought by one of his sisters.

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