Session Log (2012-06-24)


  • Alefa Frigeldötter, Human (Hältlander) Fighter (Sarah)
  • Asanaria Quickrok, Halfling Bard (Emma)
  • Baras Gouliou, Human (Tagean) Pankratiast (Sam)
  • Hrodan, Human (Hältlander) Paladin of Augustus (Alex)
  • Brother Solomon, Half-Elven Cleric of Toth (James)
  • Wren Dre, Wild Elf Ranger (Gavin)


With Emma and Gavin getting married at the end of July, their attention is currently on other matters. As a result, they will be run as NPCs by the rest of the party. Also since I haven’t really got a great deal of time, this session log will just document the highlights of the session without turning it into a full blown story.

Our story opens with the companions stood over the bodies of their fallen foes, the kobolds and spiders having proved little match for them. They examine the room to find the other door is locked and so they apply a Hältland key to it (otherwise known as a 2-handed Maul wielded by Hrodan).

Leaving the room, they head left at the next T-junction to find themselves at a richly appointed room. They see three chests, lots of meat, several piles of furs and a set of weapons propped up in the corner. As they spread out to examine the room, Hrodan disturbs a large snake that was sleeping in one of the fur piles.

Again it’s a hard fought battle, taking almost all of them to put down this creature. Alefa ended up with a Crimson Blindfold when Hrodan decapitated the snake as she was holding it and the tip of his sword cut into her forehead. She let him know in no uncertain terms how she felt about that.

Once the snake was dead, the party decided to rest in this room and check out the contents of the chests. After all, there was only one way into this room and they could spike the door shut to give them warning. Two of the chests turned out to just contain clothing and household items but the third one was pay dirt (after the application of the Hältland key to the padlock).

Several cloth sacks that jingled nicely plus a small leather pouch of gems was their bounty. It didn’t take them long to realise that whilst most of the bags contains copper, the ones containing silver and gold and what looked to be platinum; would be more rewarding to them.

Though the party sought to rest in this room, the atmosphere was somewhat suspect. Everyone was beset by nightmares that night and thus their recovery was interrupted.

The adventurers left the room and followed the corridor down to the turning. It took a moment for some of them to realise that the T-junction had gone missing, and try as they might, they couldn’t locate it at all. They even paced off what they thought the distance to be and were met by a blank wall.

Worried yet resigned, they followed the corridor to a door, the only one on this passageway. Listening closely, they could hear the voices of goblins plus another voice, somewhat gruffer and speaking in a strange manner. Both Hrodan and Solomon looked at each other in surprise, the voice was speaking in a ritualised cadence that wouldn’t be out of place in a temple.

The party burst through the door to find themselves surrounded by a pack of goblins. Beyond them was a large dais with an armoured gnoll chanting as he waved a large sickle-shaped knife at a pair of humans manacled in front of him. On the far wall was a large red eye, about the size of a serving platter. As the party took this in, several of them realised that the eye blinked and focused on them.

With howls, the goblins fell on the party and lashed out with cudgels. Several party members suffered dazing and they realised that the goblins intended to capture them for sacrifice. They fought back viciously with sword and fists.

  • Wren Dre had problems with his bow, his string snapped and almost lashed his face.
  • Asanaria revealed her Arcane talents as she used magic — and further revealed her lack of accuracy as her Apprentice Bolts missed everything.
  • Alefa and Solomon suffered nasty wounds as a pair of glowing sickles attacked them.
  • Baras attempted to work his way around the goblins so that he could get at the gnoll but found himself thwarted as a pair of walls materialised in the chapel to protect the creature.
  • Solomon stepped up with his kopesh when he realised that his Sound Burst spell would affect everything in the room, including his companions.

As Baras made his way around the wall and his friends put down the goblins, the eye on the wall was sprayed in blood as the gnoll cut the throat of first one then the other prisoner. The party were filled with apprehension when there was a low rumbling growl that they felt more than heard.

It came down to one-on-one combat between Gritznak and Hrodan, which began with Gritznak losing his grip on his sword and having to snatch up the sacrificial knife instead. That said, he gave good account of himself as the knife caused deep wounds that seared with cold.

When the gnoll dropped Hrodan, it fell to his companions to keep him alive and so the fight ended with Baras ramming the gnoll into the wall — repeatedly one might add.

Whilst some worked to bring Hrodan back to consciousness, others examined the eye on the wall as it glared at them balefully. Alefa picked up the sacrificial knife and attempted to stab the eye, only to find the knife pulled from her hand and absorbed into the eye. Eventually they were able to damage it so that it closed itself and with its closure, the two additional walls in the room winked out of being.

After claiming what they could for all the corpses, they found a secret doorway leading to a corridor and as they followed it, those of Elven descent became aware of a faint breeze that shouldn’t be there. This leads to the party finding a concealed door and as they started to open it, skeletal hands began pulling from the other side.

Baras scraped a shield down the edge of the door, causing the finger bones to shatter and fly everywhere. Solomon stepped up and called his Deity’s approbation on the foul things, causing them to flee away from the door. As the party pushed open the door, those skeletons were fleeing but a lone figure in the centre of the tomb beckoned them in.

As their light got closer, they could see a skeleton where the sinews and muscles and skin were starting to regrow. It swung a large mace lightly in its hand and beckoned them forward, as if daring them to attack.

Baras grinned as he cracked his knuckles and stepped forward. The skeleton spat a single word at him and it was though his bones had turned to ice; he fled the room in terror.

Hrodan declined the invitation, given that he’d not long regained consciousness so it fell to Alefa to fight the creature. More strange words were voiced by the creature and it inflicted a great deal of punishment on her, causing her to drop at its feet. By this time, Baras had returned and was able to destroy it.

As they helped Alefa to wake up, they smashed the skeletons that had fled from the Cleric before trying to smash the strange creature that had attacked them. Try as they might, the creature didn’t seem to want to break into shards of bone.

Using their combined powers of magic and observation, Asanaria and Solomon determined that the creature was still functional albeit dormant but that there was some magic that was causing it to get stronger over time. After a quick discussion, it was decided that they would take it with them so that someone in the Church of Toth could help them (in spite of the fact that it may cost them several favours).

Gathering the bones, their spoils and their wits; the hardy companions diligently searched the passageways to find a way out; said exit was found and they soon found themselves in the decorated antechamber once more. From there, a healthy dose of caution enabled them to get out of Baleon Nakt without incident.

As they climbed the large staircase to the surface, it was readily apparent that it was early evening and that they needed to rest before they could return to the town of Malforten to claim their reward. Baras directed Wren Dre to lead them to their old camp where they could hopefully lay up and wait.

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