The Romford Gaming Group were a bunch of gamers who originally met up through the Phoenix Games Club and realised that they lived close enough to each other that they would be able to game together. So one fateful Sunday, they gathered at one players’ house and worked out what to play. Since the group contained several GameMasters, it was decided to rotate through each GM’s campaigns at appropriate points.

Shortly after starting a Bleach campaign using Mutants & Masterminds. Real Life intervened and the group fractured. Myself and the Better Half ended up moving to Wiltshire. So some of us got our heads together and decided that they would like to continue playing as a VTT (Virtual Tabletop) group using Roll20 and Google Hangouts.

To date, this hasn’t happened and my instincts tell me that it ain’t likely to happen at all.


Member Roster

  1. Gareth Larter (moved away)
  2. Alex Trew
  3. Andy Hawkins (left)
  4. Dennis Smith (left)
  5. Emma Wilson (left due to pregnancy)
  6. Sam Winston
  7. James Wright
  8. Gavin Wilson
  9. Sarah Gosling
  10. Natalie Moran


  1. United Law (D20 Future, aborted)
  2. Retrieval of the Heavenly Mandate (Exalted 2e, on hiatus)
  3. Council of Thieves (Pathfinder, on hiatus)
  4. Shadows over Aihrde (C&C/GURPS, on hiatus)
  5. Bleach (Mutants & Masterminds 2e, aborted)