• Full Name: Gareth Larter
  • Birth Month: October
  • Hair: Grey/Brown
  • Eyes: Hazel
  • Height: 5’11”
  • Weight: 12st 12lbs

Gareth began his role-playing experience back in secondary school with the classic Choose Your Own Adventure game-books, building up a full collection of the Fighting Fantasy series at that time. It was his friends who later introduced him to the pleasures of Dungeons & Dragons and he’s never looked back since.

He moved on from the Basic Set of Dungeons & Dragons, through Advanced Dungeons & Dragons to other systems such as StoryTeller, Ars Magica, GURPS and Shadowrun. These days, he tends to keep to just a few systems as there isn’t enough shelf space in his house (and that his Better Half would crucify him if he had too many games).

He and his Better Half were involved with the Phoenix Games Club whilst they lived in London, meeting up with friends to play both role-playing and board games. So involved that they were both Secretary and Treasurer of the club for several years up until they moved to Wiltshire. Gareth still maintains links with the club as he hosts and administers their website. Gareth is also the webhost and administrator for Deniable Resources, a fansite for the Corporation Role-playing Game.

Professionally Gareth is a Technical Architect for a small IT Consultancy firm where he designs, implements and migrates Email systems for small to medium businesses.

RPG Systems

The following is a list of the RPGs that Gareth currently owns:

  • 13th Age
  • Advanced Fighting Fantasy
  • Ars Magica (5th Ed)
  • Castles & Crusades
  • Corporation
  • DawnFire
  • Descent into the Darkness
  • Dragon Warriors
  • FantasyCraft (1st Ed)
  • GURPS (4th Ed)
  • High Adventure Role Playing
  • Iron Gauntlets
  • IronClaw (1st & 2nd Ed)
  • Primal Order
  • Savage Worlds
  • SpyCraft (1st Ed)
  • Traveller
  • True20

Campaigns as Player

The following is a list of the campaigns in which Gareth is a player:

Campaigns as GM

The following is a list of the campaigns in which Gareth was the GM: