The past few months have been frustrating so I’m going to have a bit of a rant.

Since the stroke, I’ve been working to get back to work since I went to visit the office for our regular Fall Summit. So I’ve been filling forms and going to appointments so that the DVLA can give me back my license.

Now bear in mind that I had the stroke in April and the summit was in September. Just after the summit, all the forms and results were sent to the DVLA who requested a report from the consultant.

Over Christmas and New Year, the DVLA sent letters to me to tell me that they still hadn’t heard back from the hospital. Cue several telephones to the hospital and we finally heard that the forms to the DVLA had been sent.

Yes, we thought, now we’re getting somewhere. Nope, the DVLA then sent a letter saying that the form was incorrect.

Cue another call to the hospital and I was finally told that the consultant had clarified the mistakes and the amendments have just been posted today.

It’s now the start of February; and the Better Half and I are snowed in at our winter quarters where we’re making plans to move. It’s taken five months to get to this point, and I still have to wait up to six weeks before I get a result from the DVLA.

All kudos to the DVLA as they have been fantastic whenever I’ve spoken to them; my ire is aimed at the hospital and the NHS who have prevented my return to work.

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