A Nasty Awakening

I’ve been very blessed in having a wonderful family and a great career. Yet the recent changes in my last three months saw that everything can change quite quickly.

Sunday, 22nd April 2018; the Better Half and I was planning with a lazy day.

I was trying to climb out of the bed as I found myself unable to move anything on my right hand side. Franticly, I woke up the Better Half for help. She tried to help me lay up but I was not able to move anything on my right side.

A quick call for 999 and the ambulance was knocking on the flat door. The paramedics were assessing the paralysis on my right side and the fact I was slurring badly; they immediately get me into the ambulance and drove me straight to A&E.

The Better Half was told that I had had a stroke. The next 24 hours were blurred for me as I went through an MRI, a CT, a whole panel of blood tests and physical checks.

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